I apologize for taking so long to catch up.  What can I say, a lot has happened in the last couple of weeks!  I’ve been working on my own story, reading lots of other great ones, planning vacations with the “coolest people ever”, and trying to convince my husband that it’s time for us to go on a cruise.  Yeah you’ll have to ask me how that last one is going!  All this plus I’m anxiously awaiting cover art and my first edits on my first book ever!  Yay for being an author!  I thought I would take a minute and talk about my first book, due out sometime this summer (I’ll have more details the further along I get in this process).  So here it is, ten random bits from my first book entitled The Sword of Lumina: Mira’s View

  1. In the beginning, when the land of Tomiro was young, the gods created the elves. They were the fairest and the strongest of all the creatures in Tomiro. Their magical abilities gave them power over all of the plants and animals. They were skilled in the art of fighting, far beyond those of the other creatures. They were the pride of the gods pleasing them with their beauty and love of nature. However, one of the gods, Haulua, feared the elves and created a way to destroy them. He believed the elves would rise up against the gods to take their thrones.
  2. Because the elves had lived in such a time of peace, they had become lazy, forgetting what they had been trained to do. Rau with his army overtook them and plunged them into a world of darkness and despair. He enslaved the elves forcing them to deny their magic, forbidding them to use their weapons, and to dig the stones created to destroy them.
  3. The gods in anger turned their backs on Haulua and his creation as well as Tomiro for they were greatly displeased at what it had become. All save Mira, who knew that someday an elf would rise up against Rau. This elf would end the enslavement of the gods’ favorite race and return Tomiro to what it once was and so she waited for a hero of her choosing, to come forth and claim the Sword of Lumina.
  4. Galena turned her golden eyes to the sun taking in its weak morning rays and allowing it to warm her fair face. Closing her eyes she listened to the forest sounds around her. She heard the bees and the locust beginning the day before the heat made it unbearable. The birds were calling their good mornings to each other and sharing their discoveries with their fellow wing mates. A cool breeze danced across Galena’s face and through her copper colored hair, teasing her with the idea of a cool day. It was a cruel joke as it was the middle of summer and the heat would be scorching as the day wore on.
  5. Galena’s father had taught her and her brothers everything that he knew as his father had, including the old stories. For centuries, Galena’s family continued to learn how to fight as the elves of the olden days could before their capture. The old king Lamiria had fallen, but it was his son, Moira that believed his line should continue with what every elf had once known. Therefore, he taught his younger son all that Lamiria had once taught him. The tradition had been passed on from generation to generation until it was Galena’s turn.
  6. Sensing the presence of another, she spun around, bringing her sword up and under the chin of another young elf. Breathing heavily, Galena looked up at him. He had silky brown hair that fell just below his shoulders and his bright, blue eyes were fierce, but had a spark of mischief in them. His nose was straight and elegant on his long face. His jaws were tense, waiting to see if the sword currently poised at his throat would continue its path or be removed. It was the face that she knew as well as her own and loved even more. Smiling at him, Galena removed the sword and took a step back.
  7. The marks of Rau were tattooed on the top of both feet and hands of every elf when they were born. The ink was made from the hated intuneric stone and Rau’s blood, giving him a connection to each elf that survived the experience. Rau used dark creatures that the elves believed he created for sole the purpose of marking an elf child, called mauks. Mauks were small black creatures, often times no bigger than the babies they were tattooing. They had one large eye in the middle of their forehead that was completely white. Their upper half resembled a starved child, while their lower half resembled a large slug. Instead of having five fingers, they had three long needlelike fingers that were sharp enough to prick the skin. They used these fingers to carry out Rau’s evil cause.
  8. For in truth, even with the marks of Rau on her hands and feet, Galena had discovered that she was able to use her magic. Not a great deal, but enough to accomplish small tasks such as getting a drink of water from thin air or creating a small breeze to cool her off in the middle of a hot summer day. She had even discovered last winter that she could start a fire with a small spark. She knew from listening to stories of other elves that this had never been done before and she was not eager to let anyone find out, fearing what may happen to her or her family.
  9. From behind a tree stepped a torlic. He stood over eight feet tall with bright red skin that stretched over his muscular body. He was hairless except for the patch of hair that hung down from the back of his head. With two black horns on either side of his skull that added another foot to his height, he towered over them. He wore a vest and leggings made from the hide of animals with a belt encircling his waist for which a scabbard was attached. He barred his pointy yellow teeth in a sneer. He was an assassin and guard of Rau as was his entire race, feared by all who encountered them.
  10. Without hesitation, Galena thought of fire, blazing in a pit, burning everything in its path. Instantly, her hand felt as if it had received a large shock. She cried out in pain as she watched the torlic’s head catch fire. He screamed in agony, dropping to the ground, thrashing around and wailing into the night. Galena cradled her hand, the pain was fading, but now her hand felt as if it had falling asleep. She couldn’t feel her fingers at all.

And there you have it, just enough to give you a taste of my first ever novel!  Hope you come back for more!