This morning it was brought to my attention, that a woman I worked with, whom I both knew and liked, passed away unexpectantly. This same woman, for the past couple of years has fought and won the battle against breast cancer and was enjoying what she considered to be her “second chance.” Despite the fight, it was her heart that took her in the long run.

I’ve thought of nothing more than this all day, thinking of all the things that we try to do and not do to prolong our lives, but in the end, we all must take that final trip. I stepped back and thought of my own life, of what I value and what my actions say about my values and I have to admit that I feel like I fall behind on my own moral standards. How easy it is to take life for granted and all the wonderful blessings that God has put there just for us. My children who are growing up so quickly, I often do not spend as much time with them as I could due to work and other unimportant things that get in the way.  Why are my boys’ rooms state of cleanliness more important than finding out what they did during the day? When did it become more important to me to read books and write them, then to spend the day outdoors with my daughter enjoying the sun? Why does my weight bother me so, taking up much of my thoughts, when I could be thinking of things that I could be doing to surprise my husband? And when did I become so busy cleaning a house that will never stay clean, to stop and call my parents or brothers just to tell them I love them?

I have truly messed up my priorities in the last couple of months, making work so much more important than the ones that I claim to love. So my call for all of you is think about what you value and if your day to day life shows it. Or have you become like me, too caught up in everything else to truly see what you’re missing.