As the release date of my first book comes closer; I find myself in two minds. Part of me can’t wait to see my oldest dream finally take wing as my story becomes an actual book. The other part of me that has read so many great books in the last couple of years, dreads the thought of others reading my work, the figment of my imagination. What will the world say? Will others like it as much as I hope they will? Only time will tell. In the meantime, here are some more random pieces from my first book The Sword of Lumina: Mira’s View due out in June.

    1. “You have to go to the mountain of the gods. From there you will go to the top of the tallest peak and that is where you will find Mira’s view. You will know that you have found this place for there will be a shallow pool at the base of a statue made in her likeness. Lamiria had an elf make this for her because of a favor she had once granted him. It was his sign of respect and gratitude. Mira was greatly pleased with it and gave the pool magical properties, including the ability to heal.
    2. Rau sat on his throne, feeling the anger in him well up in raging waves as the torlic below him explained the disastrous outcome of their recent battle with a couple of elves. Elves that had been weakened by thousands of years of enslavements. Elves that should have been easily crushed with just a few of his mercenaries. Yet here stooped this stupid creature, the lone torlic left after the battle, explaining that a handful of these worthless creatures had destroyed a small army of his
    3. She was just finishing the last detail when she felt a blackness creeping within her mind’s eye. Alarmed, her eyes shot open, but the blackness was there too. The pain that she had been ignoring until this moment was unbelievable. Panic welled up in her throat; she had gone too far. The blackness that was taking her sight consumed her and she knew no more.
    4. Galena stood straight. Reaching a hand in front of her, she thought of the wind, of all the funnels she had seen rip through forests, knocking over trees as it went. A funnel appeared next to the closest torlic, sucking him into its center before racing toward the second one. Galena felt a twinge in her right hand, but it didn’t alarm her. The twister moved left with the screaming torlic in it just as Elenio and Tark rushed out of the tree house, stopping short at the sight of Galena controlling this wind monster with her hand. The second torlic headed back for the safety of the woods, but didn’t get far before the funnel sucked him up into its deadly winds as well.
    5. “We are the elders,” a particularly well dressed male elf said in response to her question. Galena’s eyebrows in surprise as she looked at the elf who had spoken. How could this be possible? Surely there wasn’t an elf sitting at this table that was older than fifty!
    6. Red, fiery anger consumed him. His vision burned with it. His body shook with it. Feeling it boil through his veins, he allowed the shadows that were ever present around him, to soar out in all directions at once. Instantly, every torlic touched choked and gurgled for seconds before falling to the floor dead. He didn’t care if they had been a part of the search for Galena or not. His anger was all that mattered now. That and something else. He felt it creeping up from somewhere at the back of his mind, but no it couldn’t be. For he was Rau. That particular emotion did not bother him.
    7. “Using magic is a lot like exercising, as I’m sure you have noticed,” Morgo nodded his head at Galena. “Sure it’s fun to swim for a while, but once you’re tired you generally get out. One would not keep swimming or jogging until dead, your body would shut down before then. For your mind and body will generally fight for life even when you think it would be easier to die. Only the elf that truly holds no regard for life will let themselves slip into the void of the other world. Every now and then, the need arises and you continue until you pass out from exhaustion.
    8. The elf woman strode quickly toward the village, not paying any attention to the other elves as they raced back into their homes. She made a right turn at one house and then a left. Galena hoped they were almost to the healer’s home, as she didn’t feel Morgo had much time left. The elf woman had just stepped into what appeared to be the village square when four elf men stepped in front of Tark. They waved their hands before them, a look of stony indifference on each of their faces. That was all Galena could register. Everything went dark.
    9. Pain. Hot, blinding pain that seemed to resonate from her head filled her every thought. It came in painful bursts that washed through her whole body. Her stomach churned with every wave until she couldn’t stand it anymore. She rolled to her side and threw up. She continued dry heaving long after all the contents of her stomach had emptied. She felt hot and clammy; her body was covered in sweat. She smelled blood and vomit, the aroma was enough to send her into another spout of dry heaves. She rolled onto her back, trying to take deep breaths, but the pain was too severe.
    10. “A man by the name of Pangoro said that Mira’s View was on the highest mountain,” Elenio responded stretching out on the tunnel floor. Morgo looked at him with his mouth slightly agape. He then looked at Tark and Galena as if to see whether they were joking. “But how do you know which mountain is the highest, for there are three that are within inches of each other. Indeed, you cannot tell the difference if there’s any at all,” Morgo said, still looking at them with a curious expression on his face.