That’s right, book three in the Sword of Lumina series should be arriving to stores (online mind you) in March. In preparation for that, here are some teasers from it just to get you interested.

1 The evil living within the depths of darkness also fears the light. Its shining rays blind their eyes and weakens the heart of those who love the night. They hate all that light stands for and those who rely on it to keep fear at bay. It is only the strongest who learns to use light to defeat the dark and everything that lives within it.

2 She pulled the Sword of Lumina from its scabbard, readying it for what was to come. Instantly, she felt the tingle of energy flow through her from the blade, making her feel even more alive than her energizing magic had. This could be addictive, she thought to herself. Causing a great gale of wind to pick her up, it followed the image in her mind, sweeping her over the heads of all the elves within the valley. She saw eyes from everywhere widen in response to her sudden appearance as she flew past them. Smiles begin to appear on otherwise fearful faces when they realized who it was. Flying faster than she had ever tried before, she crossed the valley in a matter of seconds, slowing only when she neared her target. Stopping the wind completely when she was within a foot of the looming giant, she landed gracefully in front of him. “How about you start with me first,” she snarled right before she plunged the Sword of Lumina into the belly of the earagos.

3 Galena awoke to find herself alone in the hammock. Weak morning rays shone through the thin material walls of the tent. Forgetting how flimsy a hammock was, she sat up quickly, which resulted in her being flipped onto the floor in an undignified position. It was in this position that Tark walked in and saw her. Upon seeing her lying face up on the floor, legs tangled in the makeshift bed, Tark burst into laughter, unable to regain control for several minutes.

4 When he got to it, he was surprised to see the tent flap propped wide open because the air was still chilly. Assuming since the door was open, anyone was welcome, Tark stepped into the tent. Sitting on the hammock with his back to the opening was Morgo. His head was bent and he appeared to be looking at something in his lap. Tark cleared his throat, hoping to get his attention, but Morgo remained in the same position. Tark began to worry something was wrong so he crossed over to where the elf sat and peered over his shoulder to see him holding a bowl full of water. In the water was the image of Venia. It appeared she was sitting down and staring vacantly at nothing at all, as she had so often done when Tark was around her.

“She’s still beautiful, isn’t she?” Tark asked. The result of him speaking when Morgo was so entranced caused both of them to be covered in water and Morgo to end up on the ground, looking up at Tark and breathing heavily. “Sorry, I tried to get your attention before, but you were a little preoccupied.”

5 “GALENA! HELP!” she heard Elenio shout somewhere behind her. Wasting no time with the creatures around her, she set them all ablaze before she searched for Elenio. She found him on the shoulders of a giant earagos. It was larger than any of the earagos she’d seen so far. He was cutting at its back with no effect on the giant creature whatsoever. Galena then looked down and saw what the keeping the earagos so focused. Below him, on the ground in a bloody heap, was Morgo. The earagos was hitting him repeatedly with its giant club, making his body even more unrecognizable.

Well, that’s it for now, but there’s more to come!! Keep checking back to see the final release day!!